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About me: I started stand-up at the world-famous Comedy Studio in Cambridge, MA. Now I live in Los Angeles and perform all over the place. I've appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing (2014), on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham (2008), and at festivals like Women in Comedy, Bridgetown, Boston, Laugh Your Asheville Off, Cape Fear, and more. I've also performed in 40+ cities with the Pink Collar Comedy Tour. You can read about my antics in TimeOut New York, the Boston Globe, and the New York Times. My writing can be found on Salon, Thought Catalog, and my blog. And my sexy debut novel comes out in 2016! More...

erin's bio

by Myq Kaplan

Erin Judge is a (hilarious) comedian and (thoughtful) writer and (human) being. She's been featured on NBC's Last Comic Standing (2014), on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham (2008), and at lots of comedy festivals, and she has performed in more than 40 cities with the Pink Collar Comedy Tour. You can read all about her in TimeOut New York, the Boston Globe, the New York Times and the Ithaca Times. Her debut comedy CD, entitled So Many Choices, is available via Rooftop Comedy. Life offers us all so many choices, but choosing this album needn't be one of them. Definitely choose it. And everything Erin does. In addition to being hilarious, she is insightful, caring, fascinating, wise, and even more hilarious.


Erin's writing has appeared on Salon, Thought Catalog, the Good Men Project, and in the Boston Phoenix and the Dallas Observer. She has written for the stage with The Meaning of Wife & as a contributor to Wake Up World!, Lizz Winstead's satirical off-Broadway show. Keep your eyes peeled for her debut novel, Vow of Celibacy, about a bisexual stylist, an anonymous blogger, secrets, dreams, lovers, closets, and showing the whole world who you really are. Erin blogs at somakeitup. She thinks and says good/smart/reasonable/kind/funny things about sex, sexuality, gender, feminism, society, and everything. You should listen to her say these (or any) things. The world will be better. And funnier.

photos courtesy of Mindy Tucker and the Comedy Studio
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FOUR Women in Comedy Festival shows in
Boston & Cambridge:

Friday, April 24th
Reductress Showcase at Laugh Boston
JUST ADDED: The Kerfuffle at
Improv Boston

Saturday, April 25th
Hosting at the Comedy Studio!
(aka my forever home)

Sunday, April 26th
Dyke Night (er, afternoon) at Club Cafe

Visit the Women in Comedy Festival site for tickets & more!

...And a few in Boston, LA & Austin:

Thursday, April 30th &
Friday, May 1st
The Comedy Studio!
Cambridge, MA

Thursday, May 14th
Big Money Comedy at the Virgil
Los Angeles
7:30pm - free!

Sunday, May 17th
Pass the Mic at the New Movement
Austin, TX

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Go ahead. Contact me here.

You know you want to.

the good stuff

I talk a lot about sexuality in my comedy and writing. People often have questions about it, so I put together some links with more information. About sex. And such.

For starters, check out some of my own thoughts. Here's a video of me talking about being bi, having two moms in Texas, bullying, and more... The title track of my comedy album is about bisexuality. Listen free here! And here's a Buzzfeed video I did about polyamory and open relationships...

...And here are some additional resources:
· Bisexual Invisibility: Impacts & Recommendations
· Tackling the Stigma of Bisexuality
· The Scientific Quest...

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